Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Frohe, Fröhliche Weihnachten Zu Allen!

The sun has finally come out on this glorious Christmas morning. Santa, somehow, managed to find his way through the fog and yuck to deliver many goodies here in Tampadorf. And now the morning has burned away the mists and everything seems to be smiling.

What I am calling my Christmas Orchid, is in full bloom. Just one flower but what a show! I've been waiting for around 3 years for it to decide to bloom. It was well worth the wait . . .

This morning will find us at the park doing our 18 mile bike ride since we were unable to do it this weekend due to blechy weather. While we're gone the dough will be rising for the rolls we're taking over to our good friend's house for "Crimpus Dinner". I've been cultivating the sourdough for the last three days and it's quite yeasty and sharp at last . . . t'will be perfect so sop up the juices from the roast beast. For dessert, I'm making an apple Tatin which will be served hot right out of the pan at the table with a good dollop of cream and or ice-cream, followed by brandy, coffee and a great cigar! What's not to like?

To everyone reading this I send all the very best wishes for a wonderful and fulfilled holiday. Many blessings to you all!

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Pamela said...

What, no piccy of your orchid? Shame on you, you know how much I love flowers.