Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Und, Ein Wunderschönes Erfolgreiches Neues Jahr!

Upon arising this morning I was greeted by:

4 champagne corks on the counter, three empty bottles of some very competitive wines, three nearly empty glasses of what appears to be Sambuco and Frangelica, a trail of a brown 'something' on the carpet leading from the dining room to the guest bathroom (?), and the remaining slips of paper containing clues from a rather spirited session of Charades.

It would appear that our New Years Eve Party was a success.

And, indeed it was! We had two couples in plus another dear friend for dinner and welcoming in 2008: Seafood Lasagna, a portabello/arugula salad, garlic bread, oysters Rockefeller, shrimps & cocktail sauce, BBQ'd ham and water chestnuts, cream cheese & caviar, kick-ass Chards and Zins and lots of laughs. T'was great fun!

Today will find me dyeing up 11 skeins of Peruvian wool for a wall hanging for a friend of ours in Cape Coral, FL. Rich Mahogany / ochres / yellows, etc. The dyes are acid based from Jacquard and, as I'm going to be painting the skeins, they will be steamed on the stove to set the color. I can't wait to get started on this project. I had planned to knit the hanging but our friend Joan last night suggested that I felt the thing. An interesting idea. I'm not a big felt fan but for a wall-hanging it might be an interesting twist. And, speaking of wall-hangings:

For Christmas this year, Himself gave me something I've been hankerin' after for years. This particular wall in the great room has been screaming for a huge clock to fill it's space and Doug was able to find this one.
It's pounded bronze and does the job in perfect order. I'm sooooo jazzed!

The weather looks a bit dodgy - front coming in and quite chilly temps are in store. I may have to bring in the orchids tonight and p'rolly should bring in the night-blooming Cereus.

2007 was a wonderful year even though it was fraught with indelicacies, irritations and several deeply wounding episodes. But, those are behind me now. 2007 also brought in many astonishing and unexpected things: I played for my niece's wedding out in Missouri at Stevens College on an organ I had always wanted to play; got to visit with my sister and her wonderful family there; enjoyed a huge family reunion of Doug's family up in Wisconsin for his mom's 85th birthday.

The most amazing thing, however, was my invitation and induction into the 62nd edition of Marquis' Who's Who in America 2008. I was notified late in 2006 that I had been nominated and instantly thought it was a mistake but as it turned out they were quite serious and so, there you have it. I have been "Cataloged"! HA!

This new year will see much remodeling of the Schloss: the master bath needs a major overhaul, the entire first floor's carpeting MUST be ripped up and replaced with tile. Our dear departed Lucy who translated in April left us with a carpet "customized" by her indiscretions to the point of us having to have rag throw rugs all through the living room to hide the stains. It's impossible, really.

The big plan for this year is, however, our trip to Alaska! We had our 25th anniversary this last year but we'll be celebrating it in 2008 with an Alaskan adventure. We're hoping to fly up, rent an RV and tour the interior then hop on a boat and cruise back to Vancouver or Seattle through the inside passage. This was Doug's idea. I've indicated that for the cost of this proposed 15 day sojourn, we could fly business class to
Zürich, stay for three months, tour the continent and still come out ahead! But, nevertheless. Look out Sitka!

I hope that 2008 proves to be a blessed year for all of you and that your unrealized potentialities become the Realities that are truly what make you YOU!

Om Namah Shivaya und
Prosit Neujahr!


CresceNet said...

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Kary said...

what a wonderful way to ring in the New Year! Love the clock too! Can I come next year? I'll bring the Mojitos!

Lars said...

Happy New Year you old geezer!!!

And congrats on the award.

Der Geezer von Tampadorf said...

Oh, Thanks Lars. It's pretty weird to me. Don't know who nominated me but it's a great honor. I still think it's some kind of mistake . . . .

~mike (who says to Kary that she and her DH are ALWAYS welcome at Schloss Keach/Ninow in Tampa. They are, after all, the BEST B/B in the central west coast of Flahridah!)

Pamela said...

Ooh, that is a fabulous clock. Congratulations, Doug is a star!

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing clock. I had one similar to that above the fireplace and one day (tear), it stopped working.
Thanks for the comment on my page. I have a lot of hobbies, mostly writing, reading, and music. Wrestling is the mellow, commercial side of me I suppose.
PEACE! --Paul.