Thursday, February 19, 2009

Persönliche Kreation und Sie

I belong to several online groups. Periodically, small but powerful shots of brilliance are fired across my bow and I just sit here and ponder over the beauty sent my way. The following is one of these. Please consider:

""At the end of knowledge there is a question that only imagination may answer."
-or alternately-
"At the end of learning there is a question that only the Artist may answer."

This so entranced me that I sent the author a reply that ran thus:

"When I was a piano teacher, years ago, I took over my mom's students after her passing. I used to tell them, as she had taught me, that music was just useless ink on a piece of paper. It was only after the pianist processed the notes into the BRAIN and then into the HEART that it could be sent to the fingers (which had the fore-knowledge through endless practice to execute) to play the REAL MUSIC the composer had written.

And that music that the composer had written is not, necessarily, the same thing he had intended. Each soul/musician brings a fresh 'take' on a piece of music that is intrinsically 'individual'. The manuscript is just that: a road map one is invited to follow: the 'end' of the map is not dictated.

So, your quotations are, to me, preaching to the choir. Right on the money. At the end of the day, our genius, our human-ness is what processes the raw data . . . . AND; since that is the case, we are all, indeed, artists in Creation."

You never know from whence genius will come, be it a fellow human, a flower, a hummingbird.

The message is an important one: It is only AFTER the labour of learning is done, and the act of mastering the specific lessons needed that one is set free to CREATE at WILL. Only with the due diligence of study and mastery of a subject, be it manual or intellectual, can one release it all and move on, secure in his/her mastery, to unlimited Creation.

We are the Stuff of Stars and we hold the Keys to the Universe within each of us. Creation is our Play, our Muse, our Fun. Get out there and stir something up . . . . .

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