Saturday, November 15, 2008


Anyone who thinks that Magnificent Magick isn't out there for anyone to see just isn't looking. At all.

Last night I suggested to Other Half (here-to-fore known as OH) that we arm ourselves with adult beverages and walk up to the golf course to watch the space shuttle zoom off into the sky. One of the rewards of living in Tampa is that we have a golden vantage point to witness such wonders. Indeed, by merely stepping out onto the lanai, poolside we can watch these rare occurances from our own backyard. But, last night was such a beautifully clear night that it begged for us to be shed of the pool cage and make the effort to go out into the night and see the event burst forth without the filter of a polypropylene screen.

With a barely less-then-full moon, a lusciously elegant buttery yellow, we searched the sky at 7:55pm. Nothing. Well, we are around 2 hours away from Titusville, after all. So, we stared, and we searched, and we stared, and we searched. Nothing. I started to get the queezies but then, from way across the golf course in another village, we heard whooping and cheering and clapping which caused OH to grab me and cry, "WHAT? Where is it?" I had told him it would appear in the northeast quadrant of our view but I was so wrong.

Just from the bottom right of this glorious moon came our quest. Brilliant, fiery reddish orange. It slowly aimed itself directly for the moon's face and soared right in front of it. I thought my very skin would take flight with it. What a sight! Then it cleared the moon and continued up into the Infinite and away to it's mission.

Every time I see this I think of back to where we come from. Back to the time when we were stardust and p'raps not even a glimmer in the unborn Universe's Mind. How we emerged from that collective energy to finally find ourselves here, as we are just now, watching with childlike eyes our reach back to our origins. That we are able to conjure up such a feat to me is the essence of Magick. The Desire, the Anticipation and finally, the Acceptance of our Oneness with the Universe and our ability to direct such huge physical properties through our mental and spiritual faculties [and occasionally not without a bit of, shall we say, pure dumb luck] is a testament to just who we are.

~Blessed be und Alles Beste!

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Stasia said...

Wasn't it Carl Sagan who said, "We are made of stardust"? Your description and thoughts gave me goosebumps!